The Code Of Mine

My open source software ecosystem

The Script This is a python script to write platform indifferent automation scripts (instead of `sh`, `ps1`, `bat`, etc)

.symlup A command-line tool to work with all symbolic links through the one setting file


A package to copy or unzip a file to cwd


Powershell module to simply set up your environment from the .environment folder content


Module to fast create zip-file as backup

pag Module with a lot methods for string formatting, working with files like docs,json, csv and others. It growing with me all the time.

pyclass_json A class for handling JSON files like a simple python dict


stm32 millis Millisecond measurements using CMSIS

stm32_printf Implementation of a standard printf() on stm32


c_ag Collection of C functions for a different purpose

cag C++ classes and methods for working with files and strings

Source documentation

abcmake Templates for working with CMake projects in a python style and with a simple export of project source and binaries for non-CMake based projects

Arduino templates Templates for the fast prototyping on Arduino boards

STM fast Templates for the fast prototyping on stm32 boards